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Life in Hell

October 4, 2013

This year can’t end soon enough. Early in the year I fell out of bed while reaching to turn off a table lamp. My house is small, built in 1925 as a shoreline summer home. This means the rooms are small. My queen size bed is only about10 inches from my dresser, so when I fell, I hit my head on the steel frame of the bed and grazed my leg on the jutting knob of the antique dresser. I had to go to the emergency room in the middle of the night and wait until morning for a CT scan. My leg was bulging so they X-rayed it to make sure no bones were broken. Then I went to the opthamology clinic to make sure there was no damage to my left eye because of the location of the huge lump on my head. It took six weeks to completely heal. Then in April, I went to my brother’s house in San Francisco, which I’ve been doing every year for 6 years to take care of his daughters while he went to Ecuador with a medical team to provide orthopedic care to a very poor area for 9 days. The day before he returned, I was going to drive his car to buy groceries and discovered a truck that was parked with the bumper hanging over the entrance to the driveway. It looked like I had clearance, albeit tight, but I did see the metal medallion that was attached to the truck where a tow hitch could be put. The medallion caught the rear bumper of my brother’s BMW and pulled it halfway off. It was probably reparable, but the day after my brother’s return, he took the car on the highway to go to work and the wind caught the bumper and bent it. It was intact before. He has a $1000 deductible on his car and had to take the car in for body work and he demanded that I pay it. I don’t work. I’m on disability. That amount of money is half of what I get in a month. When summer came, two of my cats decided that they didn’t like the litter any more and started peeing in the dining room on the rug. I took one to the vet, and he said she was fine. I couldn’t get the other one to the vet. Another cat went in for routine shots and we found out he has thyroid disease, so now we have to pill him twice a day for the rest of his life. We changed litter brands, bought Feliway, cleaned the rug numerous times, but it took all summer before the two young ones started being better about using the box. And then, last week on the 25th of September, I was heading home and I was on an unlit stretch of road doing 40 mph, the speed limit. I saw a green light ahead, so I maintained my speed and when i got close to the light I saw a pickup truck that was stopped at the light in my lane with no lights on. It was 8PM, so it was dark. I hit it hard and everything in my car died. It was totaled. The bastard in the truck took off. There was a witness who had been driving behind me who saw that I had collided with something, but she didn’t see the truck either until he took off. The police arrived and put out a lookout for an evading truck with rear end damage. They didn’t find him. The next day I called my insurance company and they said I needed to call the garage that towed my car and notify them that they would be picking the car up. I always wear a seat belt and my air bags had deployed, so I walked away but I have back pain now. So the next day I went to the garage and when I saw my car, I knew it was totaled. I took my plates to turn in to the DMV which has an office at my city hall and also went to the tax assessor’s office to get my car off the rolls for property tax. While I was there, I went to the town clerk’s office to verify that a tax lien had been removed from my home (another long, horrible story) and found out that the IRS had left a lien on it for $92K that I don’t owe. Because of that, I can’t get approved for a loan to buy another car. Of course, I can’t call them to straighten it out because they are shut down for assistance because of the government shutdown. Even today I have been going through printer/fax hell trying to get paperwork to my insurance agent. The icing on the cake is that 3 days ago I found out that my only granddaughter, the daughter of my only child, has been diagnosed with anorexia and a heart arrhythmia. She is 16.

So, has anyone had a worse year?